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When everything’s happy

Sachin is a college guy who just finishes his last engineering exam, Mechanics of Composite materials. He is passionate about music, movies, and making movies. His parents are completely supportive of that. He has decided that he will be pursuing his career in film making. He has three best friends Deepak, Vishwas, and Sneha. And his girlfriend, Sameera, has also just finished her final exam on Supply Chain Management.

It’s a fine summer evening, Sachin and Sameera meet at the Cafe near the college. They discuss regarding the exam and feel that they are not in the brink of getting flunked. Sameera orders an Assam tea, and Sachin orders 4 samosas. They talk about politics and they think that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting a lot poorer. They wanted to donate all the savings in their 40’s to society and start traveling the world with the remaining money. Sameera feels Anthony Hopkins is way better than Jack Nicholson, but Sachin disagrees straightway. They argue about this for about 10 mins and realize that it was just a rant. They then start talking about their childhood memories and how everything was awesome back in the day. They then take a walk at the beach, watching the sunset with the cool sea breeze hitting them. The moment was magical. :) (Please visualize the scene with an acoustic guitar playing in the background).

The other 3 friends join Sachin and Sameera and they meet at Hoppipola to have a couple of beers. They do the cheers and talk about the beautiful college days and all the good things that happened. Everyone was happy high. :) The other 3 people take a cab and leave home. Sachin drops Sameera home and gives a hug. Sachin reaches his home and there are two messages, one from the friends “Thanks for the lovely evening! Love you guys! #sachinSameera ❤️” and another message from Sameera “Thank you, idiot! 😘”.

Sachin gives a smirk and goes home. His mom and dad were fast asleep. His mom makes him his favorite Rose Milk and keeps it near his bed. Sachin feels happy about his life. Him, Sameera and friends making his life awesome, pleasant and mellow. Sachin feels everything in this world is perfect and happy. He is happy about Sameera and his trustworthy truthful friends with whom he shares all his joys and sorrows and be with him during his tough days. He sheds a happy tear and be grateful for what he has. His small life containing Sameera, Vishwas, Deepak, and Sneha are perfect :) They meet often, smoke up, play board games, discuss something interesting and most importantly have a fun time :) Sachin plugs in his earphones, listens to “Everything in Its Right Place” by Radiohead. The sunset walks, the good time with friends and everything makes him feel that life is perfect. He closes his eye while having a good song in his ears, not a worry in this world, enjoying and feeling the music whilst feeling euphoric. He feels, he feels from the bottom of his heart that things are happy. When things are smooth. When life is peaceful. When everything’s happy. :)