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Thoughts on the film Y Tu Mamá También

I recently watched this film and it got me thinking for a while. This film kind of wrecked and restored me. There is something very special about this film, maybe the cast, maybe the screenplay or maybe the cinematography. Well, that’s difficult to answer. I feel, this film is an experience! Something that gets you thinking for a while.

A still from the movie Source: Google


Y Tu Mamá También, is a film about Tenoch and Julio, two very good friends, from different financial backgrounds, who are sexually active, or rather; I’d say horny Mexican teenagers. They both become free for their summer vacation as their girlfriends go to Italy for a vacation. At a wedding, they meet Luisa, a fairly older lady, wife of Tenoch’s distant cousin. They try to impress her by inviting her on a roadtrip to a fictional place called “Heaven’s mouth”, which is a beach. Luisa refuses in the beginning and later agrees out of resentment when her husband confesses that he had been sleeping with other women. The roadtrip doesn’t go as harmoniously as the boys hope as they find out that they have slept with each other’s girlfriends and, eventually, they both get involved into Luisa who is hiding a big secret as well. The roadtrip transforms the boys into mature adults and the transformation which is shown in the film is magnificent! The roadtrip was all about life lessons for the immature teenagers and I do have a few perspectives which I see the film from. I can also relate it to few real life incidents which I have seen or experienced. Once the roadtrip comes to an end, Luisa decides to stay at “Heaven’s Mouth” exploring the places around and the teenagers set to leave and get back to their normal lives. The last thing Luisa tells them is,

"Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea"

This quote beautifully captures the entire essence of the film. No one knows what life has in stall for us. Life is like the greatest adventure for all of us. Like in surfing we never know what is coming for us. So why not enjoy the full thrill of it, endure it, savour it, and make it unforgettable until the waves last?

After the roadtrip, Julio and Tenoch break up with their respective girlfriends, and they don’t meet each other. Tenoch’s gets into a university to pursue his studies in economics and Julio chooses to study further on biology. They accidentally bump into each other a year later and meet in a coffee shop. They talk about their current life, enquire about their friends. While doing so, Tenoch tells Julio that Luisa died of cancer, a month after the roadtrip. The quote which she told the teenagers made more sense now. She enjoyed her last days of her life joyfully knowing that she had cancer(which she was hiding from the boys) and was going to die. The film ends with the narrator telling that "both Tenoch and Julio never meet again", which is heartbreaking. Sadness overwhelms me in the end when they never get to meet again. The entire film shows how close they were, the fun they had, the stuff they did, everything. Sad that how a close friendship can come to an end due to circumstances. I think the amazing time I had with my friends and the fact that I’m not gonna hangout with them, hurts me a lot. I guess that is what life is about, unpredictability. Change is inevitable and can come in any form; be it a happy thing or a sad thing, it depends on the perspective from which a person can look into and the situation in which it occurs. Sometimes all we need is the strength to overcome the change. This film also reminded me of an important life lesson which I learnt in my early twenties, that people come and people go, but life goes on…The final scene of the film always tears me up!

Alfonso Cuarón is a great director, the way he narrated the story is absolutely brilliant. Needless to say, the cinematography was equally brilliant. Y Tu Mamá También is a splendid film which gave me an opportunity to reflect upon my own life. A lot of questions started surrounding my mind. How happy have I been till now? How many people have I made happy? Is being happy the ultimate goal in life? This film inspired me to help others, and to be happy and I shall definitely imbibe into my character to make myself an even more better person.