About me

Sai Charan

Hi! :)

I'm Sai Charan. I hail from Bangalore, India. I am now living in Stuttgart, Germany. I am a developer who likes to solve complex real-world problems through software. I did my bachelors in Information Science and Engineering and graduated in the year 2015. Currently, pursuing a Master's degree focusing on distributed systems at the University of Bamberg, Germany. I am passionate about web technologies and a wannabe polyglot. My interests lie in cloud computing technologies, Kubernetes in specific. Javascript, Clojure, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, React.js, and Java are the technologies I've worked and comfortable with. After watching Rob Pike's talks, I am now more keen on doing golang. An ardent liverpool fan, likes reading Calvin and Hobbes comics, playing board games and watch some interesting content on Netflix. I love to play table tennis and badminton. I closely follow cricket and football.

I am currently with ThoughtWorks as a working student and I'm excited to work with them! :D